Mentoring Packages

2015 Promotion – Discounted Pricing

The first session is free, and you’re under no obligation to continue.

We will give you a second free session if you commit to either three months or a year.

Mentoring Packages

  • 3 months of mentoring – 545/month (save $110/mo)
  • 1 year of mentoring – 440/month (save $215/mo)
  • month-to-month, no contract – 655/month

You may continue with us at the same monthly rate thereafter.

Economy Packages

In the economy plan, you get just as much attention and consideration from us, but only one mentoring phone call per month instead of two.

  • 3 months of mentoring – 240/month (save $50/mo)
  • 1 year of mentoring – 185/month (save $105/mo)
  • month-to-month, no contract – 290/month

You may continue with us at the same monthly rate thereafter.

Editing Cost: Phase 3’s developmental editing is priced at $5/page, especially a bargain considering that both of us will be giving you separate edits and revision advice.

These are extremely good rates — you get two mentors for the price of one. We put a lot of work into it. In the end, you’ll have a solid, beautiful and carefully attended draft of your book. We will be here to cheer you on until we see it published.

Sign up now and you will get to keep this discount even when the promotional pricing ends.

How to get started

Send us two pages of your material along with a brief description of your project and we will respond with our ideas and suggestions. We are good at this and we love to do it.

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