Writing Retreat in Bali (Bali Mountain Retreat) July 15 – 22, 2014

Nestled high on the eastern slopes of Mount Batukaru in central Bali is a tranquil paradise.

Above the area where we will meet for evening critique is a lovely open room from which early rising participants will be blessed with an amazing view of Mt Agung at sunrise. The retreat center is perfectly placed to work, relax, connect and take in the gifts of the sacred mountain.

One can take a walk through the terraced rice fields or into the rainforest to a sacred temple. Stroll to the village or simply relax and take in the natural beauty of the landscape.

Optional group yoga sessions will be held each morning in an open-air studio. Upon passing the statue of Saraswati, one enters the yoga space and enjoys its beautiful pitched roof, dark wood floors and large windows which open onto vast views of the jungle and the surrounding mountains.

The restaurant is located in a large house set in lush gardens– the perfect location for enjoying local specialties.

 Partial scholarships available–for a limited time only. Simply mention your need in your application

Each double room is well furnished with modern amenities. Depending on numbers, a single room may be available for an extra fee upon request.

The rooms range from luxurious and spacious to lovely and modest. They are decorated with gorgeous traditional Balinese art and designs. The Superior Teak House features private ensuite bathrooms. 

The restaurant uses the freshest of produce (organically grown when possible). Our menu features both Western and Asian cuisine including many Balinese specialties.

The Dragonfly Spa at the retreat center offers an extensive range of therapeutic massage treatments which aim to revitalize and restore balance to mind and body.

Massages include:

  • Balinese massage
  • Relaxing Massage
  • Reflexology
  • Reflexology with Back, Shoulder and Head Massage
  • Hot Stone Massage
  • Back, Shoulder and Head Massage
  • Head, Foot and Hand Massage

The unique location in Central Bali enables the retreat center to offer daytrips to a wide range of destinations including the calm beaches of Bali’s north coast, the shopping districts of Ubud and Tabanan, the mountain lakes of Central Bali, as well as the fishing villages of Jembrana in the west of Bali. (All within 1 ½ hours traveling time). As a group we will travel together to a few of these places based on interest.

The guides at the retreat center are willing to take you to some of Bali’s most revered temples. For example: Bali’s father temple, Pura Batukaru and the famous Tanah Lot temple on the coast, both of which are in Tabanan (1 hour traveling time).

Each day at this retreat is a day into deeper self realization and relaxation. The retreat is during peak season in Bali, though far from the touristed areas. The weather will be ideal.

The retreat was both rejuvenating and productive. Starting and ending the days with yoga brought forth a new level of openness. Nestled in between these sessions were carefully crafted writing exercises focused on personal goals as well as creative immersion into poetry, prose, and whatever each writer was inspired to create.

If you are considering Stephen and Jade’s retreats, I would highly recommend them. Read their website, sign up for their newsletter, and when you find yourself visiting their website often, being drawn to the testimonials and retreat descriptions and imagining yourself at a retreat, take a leap of faith and apply. It may be the best present you give yourself!

P.S., Cambridge, MA – 2011 Wellness Immersion Retreat Participant

 We receive many requests for information about this retreat. To reserve your spot we suggest sending your application now.


What’s included in the retreat

  • Ground transportation to and from the estate from the airport 
  • Room and board 
  • Tuition for all daily yoga classes, writing critiques, and wellness workshops
  • Ethically-printed, sustainable personal journal and reading packet for the retreat
  • Complimentary arrival drink & refreshments
  • Balinese blessing upon arrival to Mount Batukaru
  •  Accommodation with daily housekeeping service
  •  All meals at Bali Mountain Retreat, which include breakfasts, lunches, dinners and refreshments
  •  Full hot buffet breakfast : Typical breakfast  includes: eggs (any style), sautéed green vegetables and mushroom, curried tomatoes, toast, bacon or potato cake, fresh tropical fruit salad and yoghurt, tea, coffee and orange juice, homemade muesli and/or cereal.
  •  Buffet lunch: Typically a mix of Indonesian styled dishes e.g.crispy tempe, ayam bakar, nasi kuning, cap cay, and organic raw food dishes, quiches and salads. Fruit platter, teas, coffee and mountain spring water.
  •  Buffet dinner: A mix of 2 international meat dishes, up to 4 vegetarian dishes, soup and rice or potato dishes.  This is followed by a choice of 2-3 desserts e.g.  fried bananas and ice cream, chocolate cake and cream or ice cream.
  •  Refreshments are offered twice daily for morning and afternoon tea. This includes fresh fruit, homemade slice/biscuits and a cake e.g. banana cake as well as teas, coffee and mountain spring water.
  •  Complimentary Balinese massage (1 hour)
  •  Complimentary drinking water for the duration of the retreat–  mountain spring water which is UV filtered
  •  WIFI  access (use own laptop)
  •  Guided trek through the cacao and coffee plantations to the rice fields and into the local village (3hrs)   
  •  Balinese decoration class  (conducted simultaneously)
  •  Night Performance – Traditional Balinese Joged Bumbung dance
  • Daily yoga classes with Jade and use of yoga studio and joglo for the duration of the retreat
  • Daily writing talks 
  • One on one writing guidance with Stephen



Total Price of Program

(in US Dollars)

The total is split into two easy payments:
Confirmation deposit to reserve your spot: 495 USD

Remaining payment: (depends on your room choice)

As always, we’ll get you to and from the airport (DPS – Denpasar Bali, around noon on day one), the costs of yoga/breathwork and critique/workouts/writing instruction are included, breakfast, lunch and dinner are included, use of facilities are included. Airfare is not included.

Additional cost for single room: 600 USD


 Applications will be reviewed the order in which they are received. Due to the appeal of the retreat offerings, it is possible that the course will fill up soon. If you are approved, you must be prepared to pay the first installment to ensure you retain your space or you will lose it to someone else. The first installment goes toward the total amount and reserves your space. Payments are nonrefundable. Please make your payment as soon as possible and come on a retreat with us!

Payment Plan Option

For participants unable to pay for the entire retreat at once, we offer a payment plan. After paying the deposit, you can split the remaining cost of the retreat into thirds and pay only that amount each month for three months. We want everyone whose application gets accepted to be able to participate in this experience, and so we will be happy to use this payment plan option to make this retreat a reality for you.

Should You Apply?

If you can answer yes to each of the following questions, this retreat is a good fit for you:


  • Do you have an appreciation for the unique traditions of other cultures?
  • Would you like to be much more productive with your writing?
  • Do you strive for greater physical and emotional well-being?
  • Are you excited to take part in a new and empowering routine that includes the options of daily writing, yoga, painting, appreciation of nature, and the warm community of creative people?
  • Are you ready for focused time for rejuvenation, self-development and peace?

How to Apply

If your heart says yes to this experience, send your application while there is still space available.


A testimonial for the Bali retreat:

The instruction was as hands-on or as hands-off as I needed it to be, from one day to the next. Stephen prepared a wonderful book with writing exercises that truly helped me focus my thoughts on different parts of the craft of writing creatively, and he was always willing (including the last day, just hours before his departure) to sit with participants individually and discuss ideas for progress. Jade’s yoga classes are a revelation to me, very inward-focused, and absolutely a joy to experience. I learned more from her in one week about breathing and posture than from all the yoga classes I’ve followed before, combined. The combination of a meditative, physically and spiritually balanced practice to begin each day with the rigor and encouragement of time to write made for a tremendously productive retreat.

The group dynamic is so special that it deserves its own paragraph. I’ve been to two retreats with Stephen and Jade now, and each time have come away with my heart (and lungs, and mind, and spirit) full of possibilities. A great part of that is because of the instruction and organization, but a substantial part also comes from the other people there. These are deep connections with the power to sustain you, grow along with you after the retreat, and push you toward ever-greater fulfillment and self-knowledge. And so, potential retreat-goers, let me say what has made the experience so wonderful on a community level each time : the fact that everyone was at a place in life where s/he could live the experience with openness and gratitude, and really be present in every moment for what Stephen and Jade are creating. You don’t have to be an accomplished writer already to participate in this creation. You just have to want to be there, and let go of whatever holds you back from being a full part of its magic.

The retreat center in Bali was extraordinary. I loved the mixture of village life and the conveniences of modernity, even the fact that the nearest ATM was about an hour’s drive away ! The massage therapist is a marvel and I still crave the relaxation her fingers brought me. The yoga room at the top of the teak house is a place I still feel in those moments when I am just coming to wakefulness in the morning; the cries of the roosters ALL THE TIME; the birds’ nest where I sat so many mornings in the sun, watching the silver line of the horizon over the neighboring mountain. And of course my own favorite part was being in Richard’s magical recording studio. I felt my voice come authentically alive in there.

I wrote, in the seven days of retreat work, 2 full short stories, 5 prose poems, pages and pages and pages of journal entries, and the final lyrics to a song. I also dug out an old novel and began working my way through revisions that had been on hold for 14 years. But beyond these tangible goals and word-counts, I feel the retreat helped me “consolidate” a piece of myself that came to life at the retreat in Italy the year before : the dreams I had begun to think I was hearing became solid and accessible, and I learned again how to breathe life into them and carry them with me down the mountain and back into the world.

The hot stone massage was incredible. The realization that my first novel is not actually crap was enough to bring me to tears, and still does when I think of it now. The opportunity to make music with an expert and carry the music away with me – that has changed my life (literally : I set the goal during the retreat to make an album within a year, and my band and I are now practicing and scheduling studio time for early 2013 !). But really the whole experience is my favorite overall memory. The mornings, the afternoons, the evenings, the breathwork, the roosters, the beauty, the delicious food, the camaraderie, and the chance to stretch myself and believe in what can happen next.

 What would you say to someone who is considering attending a retreat with us in Bali?


Rosemary, Italy Retreat Participant, 2011 and Bali Retreat Participant 2012