Sample Daily Schedule – Writing Immersion Retreats


Sample Personal Retreat Schedule

7:30 – Yoga and breathwork
9:00 – Silent breakfast, followed by a craft talk
10:30 – Nature walk
1:00 – Lunch, followed by a discussion on writing
2:00 – Creative writing time
5:00 – Afternoon yoga, painting, or one on one session
7:00 – Dinner in the open-air courtyard
8:30 – Post-dinner critique session outside in the garden

The retreat is flexible. If you prefer to spend more time relaxing, you won’t be pressured. Our guiding philosophy is to always be either completely productive or completely relaxed. Both are important facets to living a fulfilled life.

(All activities listed are included in program price)

Many participants come primarily for yoga or art or creative writing, and all come to have some dedicated time for themselves, to travel and retreat to an empowering, relaxed setting.mia in nature writing at a bench

In many cases, participants find themselves delving into new creative activities.


Each day begins with yoga, followed by an optionally silent breakfast. The early morning is a time for quiet self-reflection and gratitude.

After breakfast, Stephen leads a brief discussion on an aspect of writing. The remainder of the morning is dedicated time to write.


There is a delicious lunch, followed by a brief self-development writing exercise and some free time to explore the estate, relax, or work on your creative projects. Instruction is given for painting and drawing, and participants are free to participate. An hour or so before dinner, an additional yoga class is offered. There is time afterward to shower, relax and get dressed for dinner.

melanie in the libraryEvening:

Dinner is glorious, delicious, family-style and healthy. After dinner, we meet in a circle to share and critique each other’s work. After critique, before bed, there is time to read, reflect, and relax.

Activity Facilitator Overviews

melissa and her basketCreative Writing and Goal Discussions: Stephen has a remarkable ability to connect with your vision, encouraging you to be grounded in the present while looking ahead — in short, to live as who you really are. Whether you are a new to writing or an experienced professional, be prepared to be refreshed by guidance and critiques from an artistic mind adept in the fields of writing and creativity. His greatest desire is to convince you to do what is in your best interest and live true to your nature.

Painting: Jade is a lively, much-celebrated painter and has the expertise to help you through any struggles you may have. Anyone who has worked with Jade attests to her brilliance and energy; she has a knack at identifying the most invigorating parts of a work of art to get you re-centered and productive. Her years of artistic practice have taken her to representational and abstract work of various media. You’ll quickly come to trust Jade’s ability to see where you need to go in your artwork.

Yoga: Each yoga class is taught by Jade, who is trained in Pranakriya Tantra Hatha Yoga and has familiarity with a variety of yoga traditions. Yoga practice combines pranayama (breath work) and ancient postures with modern alignment. The class accommodates your needs, whether you are brand new to yoga or already skilled. Jade focuses on her participants and gives each of them support and attention. The classes lengthen and strengthen your muscles, increase your body awareness and tranquility, calm your mind and raise your energy. You will be smiling and heartfelt, feeling expanded and full of life at the beginning of each day.