Retreat Philosophy

Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”   – Howard Thurman

josh taking picturesOur retreats are designed to be productive vacations where you get to leave behind the normal routine and establish a more fulfilling one. We believe in the value of community, and so our retreats are typically sized at 10-15 participants.

Each retreat is an empowering, productive immersion in the creative process. Part of what facilitates an empowering retreat is having an interdisciplinary group of writers, yoga practitioners, nature lovers, painters and busy professionals interested in relaxing and learning some creative ways to make the world a better place — a diverse group of individuals with uncommon things in common.

The focus is on generating lots of quality material and learning to live better. Our retreat locations are small-scale and always sustainably run. Our own company is truly a mom-and-pop operation, being comprised solely of Jade and Stephen Webber. We’re sharing what we love, and we hope to be able to meet you someday soon on one of our retreats.

More Than A RetreatIMG_1495

‘Retreat’ may not be the perfect word, because the experience is less about escape and so much more about deeply experiencing a place, a pursuit, and a community. And so it may be helpful to think about a Writing Immersion as an ‘arrival.’

The Law of Expectation

Do you spend several hours each day in a vibrant, balanced, healthy emotional state? Through the help of your peers and a few writing techniques, you can press yourself much further than you originally thought possible. Think of this retreat as a transformational workshop designed with your best intentions in mind.

By opening yourself to the best positive outcome, you can find fulfillment each step along the path to success and achievement. Writing detailed, achievable goals and scheduling them provides clarity, and through this clarity, opportunities will present themselves. Additionally, by working continually on what you uniquely are gifted to do, you will pass through doors where before there were only obstacles.

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This Retreat is About You

This wellness and writing retreat is for individuals who want to spend time in a beautiful and tranquil environment. The retreat location and schedule are designed to be as empowering as possible. The activities that you choose to participate in are up to you. Some participants are eager to take part in all of the retreat offerings, and what other participants most need is to be able to relax in a fun and lively setting. When you take the path that deeply serves you, it makes for the best retreat experience for everyone.

If you join us on aIMG_1379 Writing Immersion retreat, you can expect to meet some wonderful people who share your interests. Most of our participants attend solo rather than travelling with a spouse or friends. While either can work out remarkably well, we have found that solo travel to the retreat enables you to really come as you are.

It’s common for people to wonder whether they will fit in at a retreat and whether they will have time for themselves. The program coordinators will meet you where you are – you will not be pressured toward the correctness of any system other than ones that invite you to get (and give) the most out of life. This retreat is about you.

A Life Tethered to Giving Your Gifts

Retreat participants are lucky. Because you dedicate time toward your personal growth, you get to develop an in-your-bones feeling of certainty that tethers you to a life path of gratitude and contribution. By expending consistent effort in a peaceful and supportive environment, you will make discoveries and reignite the curiosity that propels both your mind and the world alike.


IMG_1150Deeply Anchored Fulfillment

Through the practice of writing sessions and going on a powerful Gratitude Walk, you can be assured that after the retreat your actions will be in much greater alignment with your beliefs. As you write, you chart your progress and develop methods to pull you along your unique and fulfilling path.

Far greater than a vacation is the special kind of retreat that reminds you that your life is a treat, and that the precursor to the vacation was a treat as well. When you return home, you will take back strategies for reaching fulfillment that are both flexible and motivating. You will gain leverage over yourself so that you are confident, compelled to generate value in the lives of others.


Ever-Renewing Detox

Anyone can overcome any personal obstacle so long as they feel themselves fully. Joseph Campbell talked about following one’s bliss. Each individual is unique, and everyone deserves to live according to their life purpose. Challenges such as being emotionally unbalanced, not being fully integrated psychologically, torn between decisions, feeling overwhelmed, and of not having a sufficient level of energy can be transcended by rekindling your relationship with your creative gifts. By living in and learning from a serene, rustic natural environment, working your body physically, and retraining your associations by writing your way toward your goals, the obstacles to a life of curiosity and engagement will drop away, leaving you closer to the natural, ever-renewing state of bliss.

When you’re living true to your unique purpose, each breath you take is a detoxifying one.

Self-development takes work, and this kind of work is best done away from all distractions in a supportive community from a variety of backgrounds. The connections made between retreat participants often form into lifelong friendships.


This is a true retreat – for a short time, you leave your routine responsibilities behind to set up new rituals. With new rituals come greater certainty, the ground for feelings of satisfaction. There are few opportunities in the world for such a supportive environment.

Discover what you deeply love within the pursuits you already have. Nested within the habits that have not yet paid off there are empowering rituals that can keep you energetic and on track. The retreat will drive deep the actions you take so that, enjoying them in the process, they continue to manifest as both positive and enjoyable. Devoted to what you love, there’s no limit to what you can accomplish.

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Yoga Philosophy

Our practice of yoga is intertwined with the practice of breathing and witnessing. Tantra Hatha yoga cultivates an active practice of mindfulness, gratitude, humility and strength.

Tantra Hatha is an ancient yoga. In Sanskrit, Tantra means continuous and Hatha translates as the balance between our fiery passions and our cool-headed mindfulness. Tantra Hatha yoga does not start and stop during the yoga session. It is a continuous life practice of the middle way. The yoga classes involve extensive breath work and simultaneous cultivation of an unbiased internal witness. While practicing, we challenge our ability to stay present while performing physically enriching exercises, giving our body a workout and strengthening our character as well. We learn to recognize emotions before they overcome us. We watch as an emotion rises up inside of us and continue to watch—without judgment or attachment—as it passes. Eventually, even fear and anger become as harmless as a cool breeze passing through a room.

Opening to Your True Self

Especially in this age of hurried tasks and rapid change, it is challenging to find the opportunity to live authentically. It’s hard to live in the world with daily responsibilities and not feel stuck in a state of reaction. We numb ourselves to the hosts of advertisements, unclean air and loud noises of daily living.  If we were completely open and vulnerable in our crowded and busy lives we would not be able to function properly. Unfortunately, we tend to numb too much. We push away issues inside of ourselves that need love, compassion and the light of awareness.

It is as Dr Martin Luther King Jr. said: “Darkness cannot dispel darkness. Only light can do that.” When we are in a safe and nurturing place, surrounded by supportive companions, clean air, serene forests and loving teachers, we can look inside ourselves with honesty, compassion and hope. This is when the little voice inside of us can speak and we reconnect us with our heart.

If you have some questions you’d like to ask about the retreat please send us an inquiry.