Juliet Vonturi

Silk VonturiWould you share with me what were some of your early experiences with reading, writing and art?

As a young child I went through books like a silk moth on a mulberry tree. Over the rhythm of a life I’ve kept a journal both written and visual. From my mother I inherited a love for horses and drew hundreds of them on reams of paper my dad brought home from work. I started making up stories early on mostly in my mind, only a few were captured on paper. Given a Brownie camera at 12 I started observing colour, texture and light and this developed into my silk designs today.

What things in life make you happiest right now?

My son living close and spending quality time together, my 3 lively grand- children, the freedom to concentrate on my creative work

Do you have any daily rituals?

One hour reading divine literature which gives me a sense of stable eternal principles to guide my day, appreciative prayer, running or walking in nature refreshes my body, mind and spirit, writing poems or style notes

Do you remember your dreams? Are there any specific ones that you recall giving you insight into you’re life that you’d be willing to share?

Once I dreamt of walking across a sunlit expanse of white rocks towards a verdant meadow where a line of magnificent magnolia trees stood. I recalled seeing them in full glossy leaf yet now I moved close to one and fell to my knees under its branches. Not one single green leaf remained only thousands of the most gorgeous ivory gold blossoms all which were lit and glowing, no shadows marred this feast of beauty. I knelt looking up into this vision overwhelmed with intense joy.

Do you have mentors or other working artists who influence you today?

Jan Showers glamour interiors
Kelly Hoppen’s vimeos.
Poppy de Villeneuve’s Vimeo Le Sirenuse.

What do you think is the most important contemporary issue?

To always remember who you are. A spirit daughter or son of loving heavenly parents. All the suffering and problems of this world will fade away when each person lets the light of their divine soul shine forth.

Who are your favorite contemporary artists/musicians/writers?

Andrea Bocelli, voice of heaven. Mary Robinette Kowal, novelist. Cole Swenson, poet.

What are you own criteria for success?

Power to concentrate the cleanest energy in the maximum force on things of transcendent importance. Charity and generosity for those less fortunate. La bella figura.

Could you describe a current project you are working on now?

organizing and preparing for the publication of my poetic memoir ‘Running in the Fire of my Soul’ this book focuses on my creative lifestyle from 2009 to the present. 3 parts ~ Style, Poetry, and Inspirations.

When you look forward in your life what do you hope to find there?

Eternal family, nurturing friendships, flourishing relationships, contribution of the highest order


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