Dipa Suresh

Would you give us a bit of background about yourself? Briefly tell us who you are.

I am Dipa, juggler of many hats and also jack of all trades. I work as a Content Writer while trying to write and publish my own book. I also work as an Image Consultant and Soft Skills Trainer. I am also a Mum and a cook and housekeeper!

Would you share with me what were some of your early experiences with reading, writing and art?

My Mum has told me that I started reading when I was a mere three years old. Apparently, I picked up a picture book and leafed through it idly, and hey presto, the next time my Mum asked me what the word was, I answered ‘a hat’. Well, this may be a tall tale, but I prefer to think it was true, as my favourite memories of my childhood involve a book in my hand and a cosy corner to sit in. Winning prizes in writing came easy to me, and I have several trophies locked up in my cupboard as evidence. Now I am on the verge of publishing my own book, and it has been an incredible journey for me so far.

As for art, well, I can say that art is one of my passions and I would give up anything to get a quiet space in which I could freely explore my creativity.

4. What was your family unit? Did you have brothers or sisters? Where did you grow up?

My Dad was in the Indian Army and he retired as a Brigadier. Being in the Army entails the soldier’s family shifting base every once in a while, and as a result, an Army child gains early exposure to varied cultures and traditions other children do not have access to.

My Dad, Mum, and my sisters (I have two) have travelled across the width and breadth of India, and it was an incredibly wonderful journey indeed.

What are the things in your life that make you the happiest right now?

  •  The fact that my children are all grown up and are completely independent, leaving me free to pursue my own interests
  •  The fact that I finally plucked up the courage to go ahead and write my own book, which will be published very soon
  •  The fact that I made the decision to give up my job in order to enroll in a course that would give me a different perspective on life

How did you come to have the creative pursuits and lifestyle you have?

 My Mother has been the most encouraging force of my life. She made my family, including my husband and children have been completely sure I never had to give up my dreams supportive of my literary ambitions and of all the other enthusiastic dreams that an imaginative person would harbour!

What advice would you give those who would like to take a similar path?

Believe in yourself, believe in your dreams, and never give up.

What kind of control do you think you exert over your own destiny?

Mahatma Gandhi the Father of India once said, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” I am of the firm belief that an individual must believe in herself first before anything else. This in itself will provide her with the confidence and the courage to exercise control over her own destiny. I would like to believe that I do possess this kind of confidence and that I am the mistress of my own future…

Has money or critical success influenced your creative decision making?

I would have to say that although it would be lovely to not think of money when you are in a creative decision making process, the fact is that it may not be possible every time. Money does play a large role in the entire process, and it would be good to remember this truth, recognise it, and not let it overpower the creative process.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Be more practical, but follow your dreams. Remember; not everything will work out for you, but persistence will bring its own rewards.

What do you want to be known for?

For being a kind, empathetic person.


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