Creative Writing Mentor Program

Do you wake every morning with a clear mind and a free heart? Are you fulfilled with the work you are doing?

We love to help creative people realize their ambitions.

For the past several years, we facilitated writing and yoga immersion retreats in Italy, Bali and Mexico. Now, we work from our home in rural Northern California offering phone- and email-based mentoring for creative writers around the world.

What You Get

  • Creative guidance specifically tailored to your project
  • Supportive pushiness to keep you happy and productive

Whether you’re working on a book or something else, we can help you clarify it, structure it, and revise it at a deep level.

“I wrote more in the two weeks at Spannocchia than I did in the first year of my MFA.”Rachel G

Our Focus

As creative writing mentors, we help you:

  • Follow through with your ambitions.
  • Generate innovative ideas and synthesize divergent concepts.
  • Work smarter rather than harder so that you stay productive until your project is a success.
  • Make your daily life as rewarding as a vacation.

How It Works

There are three main phases to the creative writing mentoring we offer.


  1. Envisioning. We help you do developmental and strategic work. At the end of the first phase, you have everything you need to write your book.
  2. chair-12Drafting. We check in with you regularly to offer guidance and to keep you on track. At the end of the second phase, you have completed the draft of your book.
  3. Revising. We help you edit, revise, and prepare for your reader. At the end of the third phase, you are ready for copyediting.

Want all the details? Click here for more information about our mentoring.