Creative Writing Coaching

We are at work building a retreat center at our home in Northern California. We will resume facilitating retreats as soon as our retreat center is finished.editing_1

We currently offer private phone- and email-based coaching for creative writers.

Is Coaching Right for You?

  • Do you love good writing?
  • Do you have a compelling idea for an original project?
  • Are you motivated to see it through?
  • Do you want some help?

If so, give us a try. The first coaching session is free. Both Jade and Stephen work with you; you get two coaches for price of one.

Many of our clients are already well into their book-length project, but they need help reworking it, clarifying and restructuring things, revising and editing at a deep level.

“I wrote more in the two weeks at Spannocchia than I did in the first year of my MFA.”Rachel G

Our Focusfocus-06

As creative writing coaches:

  • We help you generate innovative ideas and implement breakthroughs.
  • We help you follow through with your ambitions.
  • We help you work smarter rather than harder so that you stay productive until the book is a success.
  • We model the philosophy of our Writing Immersion retreats to make your daily life as rewarding and productive as a vacation.

How Coaching Works

There are three main phases to the creative writing coaching we offer.


  1. We help you do developmental and strategic work. At the end of the first phase, you have everything you need to write your book.
  2. chair-12We check in with you regularly to offer guidance and to keep you on track. At the end of the second phase, you have completed the draft of your book.
  3. We help you edit, revise, and prepare for publication. At the end of the third phase, you are ready for publication.

Want all the details? Click here for more information about our coaching.

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